The list of NSTP’s top innovative startups under the Hatch 8 programme is finally out! It is sorted together so that potential employees, early-stage investors, and partners could benefit from it, as the companies might be hunting for new talent. The listed companies are sorted according to the degree of innovation integrated within them. When it comes to company metrics, there are plenty of different ways in which we use for ranking. We have some impressive companies who would appear on the list or rank even higher if we counted other factors like revenue.

Here are the top five innovative startups of Hatch 8:

  1. RADWI

Launched by Ahsan Amin, RADWI is a tech startup that provides IoT-based solutions to problems surrounding house safety. With the aim of bringing ease to people’s lives, it targets homeowners and tenants alongside providing them the opportunity of operating their residential locks through smart gadgets. The problem of key handling and key sharing between multiple members of a household is now solved as the company has already tapped a market of 6 million people and it is still growing.

Founders: Ahsan Ameen, Mudasser , Nadeem , Muzamil 


Sustainable electricity is a growing need for Pakistan, as fossil fuel reserves are declining at a rapid rate. With this issue in mind, Hamza Zubair came up with an innovative idea of generating electricity through the human walk. The energy from footsteps will be converted to electricity when humans in universities and shopping malls will walk on those technology-embedded tiles. By targeting a market of around 50 million people, the tiles provide an environment-friendly solution to combat the rising issues of electricity shortage and deteriorating conditions of nature.

Founders:  Muhammad Hamza, Hassan Khalid, Hira Najeeb, Ahmed Waleed


The founder of Easy Kasht, Muhammad Mustafa, has introduced automation in the field of agriculture to bring ease to the life of wheat farmers and fertilizer companies. A drone, operated through an app, visit and survey an entire field, collects the required data, and gives yield predictions as an outcome. The conventional ways of estimating yield have not only become outdated but also add the cost if human error intervenes in those manual projections. To tap the market of 5.2 million people, the company targets wheat farmers, fertilizer companies, and the government.

Founders: Mustafa Umar Gondel, Zeerak Naveed, Usama Mirza


The mastermind behind the revolutionary idea of a one-stop marketing solution is Hafsah Arshad. She brought ease to the lives of small and medium business owners by automating the process of influencer marketing, micro, and macro blogging, photography, and videography along with their editing. The startup provides an app-based platform for connecting business owners to influencers and bloggers. Eateries and e-commerce platforms are the primary targets of the company who also benefit from the standard pricing feature of the app.

Founders: Hafsa Arshad


The founder of Fincta is Ali Haider, a young student from NUST University with an accounting background who discovered the difficulties faced by students with little or no knowledge of accounting while pursuing their startups. His goal is to ensure that a person with even no knowledge of accounting can manage the finances by themselves and keep an eye on the KPI’s just through an app. The user-friendly application provides low-cost solutions along with KPI’s that are standardized. Currently, the company is targeting a population of millions, with business owners as its major segments.

Founders: Safa Irfan, Ali Haider Abbas, Talha

About Hatch 8:

The programme is meant for passionate entrepreneurs with a business idea aiming to validate the idea with professionals – developing their skillset along the way. The 6-month programme nurtures startups by providing them with a dynamic professional work environment (free of cost) with access to a network of Hi-Tech SMEs, MNCs, business leaders, coaches, and a growing financial network. You can apply for Cohort 3 here.