Value Proposition

All over the world, university-hosted STPs have proven to be powerhouses of innovation, fuelling the economy with new product development and diffusion, and having a direct impact on GDP. With NUST lending credibility and strength to NSTP, the NSTP promises a full package of advantages and incentives for its tenants.

Knowledge Base: Access to comprehensive knowledge base of NUST, including:

  1. 129 academic programmes (UG, MS, PhD)
  2. Faculty strength of more than 1,100 (Including 500+ PhDs)
  3. Student strength of 16,000+

Research Base: Access to well-established and strong research base:

  1. Diverse areas of specialisation – research work being done in 60 areas grouped into 6 themes
  2. 330+ state-of-the-art laboratories in a multitude of disciplines across all NUST campuses, providing comprehensive support to research activities.
  3. Two National Centres of Excellence recently established:
    1. National Centre for Artificial Intelligence (NCAI)
    2. National Centre for Robotics & Automation (NCRA)
  4. Medical Devices Development Centre (MDDC)
  5. World class researchers in domains ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Big Data to Smart Grids.
  6. Convenient economic terms and conditions for access to research facilities.
  7. Assistance in identifying university programmes and resources that best relate to the company’s research areas.

 Innovation Services: Access to a community of high-quality businessmen, technologists, managers, consultants, professors and students sharing innovative ideas and research.

  1. Legal advisory for intellectual property rights.
  2. Technology scouting and Technology transfer.
  3. Opportunity for commercial deployment of university’s proprietary patents and innovations.

 Financial Services: Access to funds by private lending commercial banks, venture capitalists and angel investors.

Industrial Linkages: Access to university’s thriving multi-sectoral industrial partnerships with large national companies, multinational corporations, SMEs in various sectors including Automotive, Energy, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Metallurgy, ICT, etc., as well as chambers and sector-specific associations across the country. These strong linkages will provide the tenants excellent opportunities for:

  1. Collaborative industrial research projects with societal impact.
  2. Technology transfer and product diffusion.
  3. Industry-specific trainings & talk series.
  4. Professional trainings.
  5. Employment

Stakeholder Network: NUST hosts regular national and international conferences on global technology trends for academicians, technologists, regulatory bodies to exchange views and devise policies; investor forums to connect technology companies with angels and venture capitalists; trade missions and innovation showcases to bridge innovators with business partners.

 Collaboration Opportunities: NSTP serves as a platform for collaboration amongst innovators, investors, universities, R&D institutions, regulators, as well as corporate and industrial partners to shape the future. NSTP enables innovators to leverage on Pakistan’s world-class talent pool, unique R&D environment, excellent IP protection and legal framework, as well as access to the international market to catalyse their innovations and build strong business momentum.

Space to grow: A wide range of office types and sizes are on offer at the NSTP. It provides adaptable offices ranging from 300 to 4,000 square feet. The Park is designed keeping in view the needs of the industry.

Community: NSTP has been designed with community in mind, giving tenants the opportunity to foster new business relationships. Participation in University’s events, NSTP will provide opportunities for growth and region wide collaboration abound.