About NUST


The National University of Sciences & Technology, ideally located in the heart of Islamabad, has achieved many milestones and gained a premier position among world universities within less than three decades since its establishment. It is among the top 500 world universities, among the top 100 Asian universities, and 51st amongst the fastest growing world universities under the age of 50. Within Pakistan, NUST holds the top position amongst Engineering and Technology universities. It produces professionals and researchers of the highest calibre, capable of developing indigenous technologies to meet the growing demands of the new era. The university is entrusted with the responsibility of pro-ducing culturally enlightened, technologically knowledgeable, academically competent and research-oriented graduates who are prepared to lead, inspire and preserve. NUST symbolises excellence in learning and research. The faculty and support facilities are comparable to the best in the world. The academic programmes are tailored to national needs, international best practices, and latest trends in modern education, so as to prepare our graduates for challenging jobs at home and overseas. All this is in line with the objectives set by Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission – Universities building Com-munities; Universities building Leaders; Universities building Economies.

Having built solid foundations, NUST continues to strengthen its range of services and support to help the ever-expanding community of knowledge and innovation ecosystem. With the best R&D infras-tructure, both hard and soft, coupled with its Technology Incubation Centre (TIC), the first of its kind in Pakistani academia, nurturing innovative tech-based ideas into viable enterprises since 2005, NUST is well poised to establish the country’s first university-hosted STP, enhancing its knowledge ecosystem, and strengthening Pakistan’s knowledge economy, with direct value-addition to the country’s GDP.