Thematic Focus Areas

Pakistan has a strong potential and industry drive to attract new high-value investment in particular sectors and thematic areas.

NSTP will be focusing on the thematic areas, which while showing potential at the national level, have also been among the areas wherein NUST has showed continued promise over many years, and for which sufficient knowledge and research base and associated facilities are available within the NUST premises. Moreover, Islamabad, the country’s capital, offers an existing industrial base and several comparative advantages within these sectors at the regional level. Following are these 8 sectors:


AgriTech theme at NSTP will focus on technologies like Smart Irrigation methods, Food Processing & Storage, Precision Agriculture, Biotechnology, Vertical Farming, Agriculture Robots, Air & Soil Monitoring Tools, Seeds, Fertilizers, Livestock and Poultry.


Auto Tech theme at NSTP will focus its R&D on auto manufacturing with energy efficiency, optimisation of powertrains, electric vehicles, improvement of logistics systems i.e. transportation, trucking etc., safety in transportation and traffic management.


DefTech at NSTP will focus on Aerospace, Drones, Radars, Cyber Warfare, Military Wearables, Specialized Imaging & Surveillance Equipment.


EdTech at NSTP will focus on Educational and Instructional Theories, Cognitive Tools for Learning, Computer-Based Language Learning, Assessment Systems, Trainings, Distance Education, Technology-Enhanced Classrooms and Informal Learning.


EnergyTech theme at NSTP will focus its research on Biomass, Biofuels, Thermal Hydraulics, Fuel Cells, Blue Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Clean Coal, Energy Efficiency Materials and Systems.


FinTech theme at NSTP will focus on Peer-To-Peer Payment Technology, Peer-To-Peer Lending, Mobile Banking, Digital Wallets, Insurtech, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Consensus Protocols, Investing Services, Cryptocurrency and Cryptography & Cyber Security.


The HealthTech theme at NSTP will contain companies focused on research areas of Hospital Management, Patient Care, Genomics, Surgical Robotics, Telehealth, Mobile Health Apps, Online Health Services, Digital Medical Devices, Remote Monitoring, etc.


SmartTech at NSTP will focus on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Data Management, Image, Video & Signal Processing, IoT, Modelling & Simulation, Networks & Network Security, Software and ICT.