At NSTP, we firmly believe that technology and innovation can create an inclusive and enabling environment where anyone can feel accepted and thrive without limitation or discrimination.

On 2nd Feb, 2022, NSTP resident, Assistech, launched ‘Optikey Project Pakistan’ at Jinnah Auditorium, NUST University. The project with be headed under the tutelage of CEO Optikey, Mr. Julius Sweetland.

Optikey is an on-screen keyboard that is designed to help Motor Neuron Disease (MND) patients interact with Windows computers. When used with an eye-tracking device, OptiKey’s on-screen keyboard allows MND patients to complete tasks, such as email composition, using only their eyes.

Being first launched in 2015, Optikey Project Pakistan is a product of 3-4 years of hard work and struggle. There currently are 2000 daily users of the product across the world, with 27 languages on board.

As part of the programme, Assistech and Xylexa Distributed laptops, eye-tracking devices, and Optikey devices to a total of 25 participants today. The aim of the project is to assist life to the fullest, for those who are unable to assist themselves.

Dr Rizwan Riaz , Pro-Rector RIC & VP NSTP, Dr. Salman Raza Naqvi, Director – NSTP, Mr. Shahrukh Babar, CEO – Xylexa, Inc , Mr. Julius Sweetland, CEO – Optikey, Prof. Abdul Manan, Ex-Director of Special Education, Prof. Imtiaz, President Azad Kashmir Association for the Blind, Dr. Fozia, Director – Special Education Government of Punjab, Dr. Akbar Gardezi, Project Head, alongside others graced the occasion with their kind presence.

During his welcome note, Dr Rizwan Riaz said that NUST is a technology-driven university where research is being carried out to benefit the community and masses of the country.

Highlighting the importance of technology, President Azad Kashmir Association for the Blind said, ‘Impairment happens in life but if we have some connection with modern technology, our problems can be lessened to a great extent. Optikey will be one of such revolutionary devices.’

Dr. Akbar Gardezi, who is the Project Head said that the distribution of the product is not the end of the cycle. A 3-month training shall now be held for the participants to improve the adaptability and usability of the software.

The participants were highly zealous in being shown regard and an entire event being held, just to ease their daily struggles with life.

The device will surely take people ahead who want to excel and is just proof that NSTP brings technologies from far and around closer, with the sole purpose of the betterment of society.