About NSTP

An Innovation Ecosystem and a Hub for International Business

National Science & Technology Park (NSTP) is the first fully integrated science and technology park (STP) and the first STP of the country; the initiative is meticulously aimed at kindling the knowledge economy of Pakistan by stimulating and nurturing innovation-led germination and growth of hi-tech entities. With over PKR 8 Billion being invested into the master plan, NSTP will emerge as an innovation powerhouse for businesses.

NSTP is the new national tech-pad where entrepreneurs and multinationals come together to discover, ideate, create, collaborate and break new ground. Kicking off with a portentous pilot, the NSTP will be home to an ornate assortment of tech start-ups, established R&D companies and research branches of renowned national and international industry leaders. The park is the country’s avant-garde cradle for disruptive technologies. Catering to a multispectral cluster, drawing on the nation’s and the region’s growth potential and market needs, 8 optimised high-tech themes have been carefully selected for the NSTP in the first phase, to maximise technological, economic and societal impact, not to mention creation of thousands of high-tech jobs. Moreover, dovetailed with the unparalleled knowledge, talent and R&D base of Pakistan’s #1 Engineering and Technology university, NSTP is also the first of its kind in the country to sport all the essential ingredients for an enabling and diverse innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

A flagship project of the National University of Sciences & Technology
(NUST), the NSTP not only capitalises on the strengths and core competencies of NUST, but also brandishes support from the Government of Pakistan. Longstanding and productive linkages with major industry movers and shakers including military-industrial-complexes, large public and private sector organisations and SMEs is another unique feature accrued due to the host university. Ensuring ease of business, providing tax rebates and exemptions, and other associated incentives are a few of the major value propositions of the NSTP and are incorporated in the ethos of its design.

NUST’s continued focus of almost 3 decades on institutionalising and consolidating the culture of research, innovation and entrepreneurship eventually culminated in the formulation of the NSTP, that will help to deliver NUST’s aim of making this region a place where technology-centric businesses, large and small, can thrive, create jobs, and provide the very best higher education, R&D and training opportunities.

If not for the love of science and innovation, the picturesque landscapes would be reason alone to vie for this prime real estate. But the range of ergonomically designed innovation facilities, a thriving entrepreneurial culture and maturely established patenting, marketing and technology transfer departments of the host university, and a panoply of amenities for sports and recreation are just some of the prized offerings that make it the first choice for all techpreneurs and research-focused businesses.

NSTP is built with sustainability in mind. Its thematic vision embraces the concept of providing every business on the Park with the benefits of setting high footprint not only in Pakistan but globally as well.

Businesses based at the Park will benefit from excellent road, rail and air connections to the rest of the country, Middle-East, South Asia, Europe and beyond. Located just off the Kashmir Highway, NSTP is in the heart of Islamabad, with many industries and universities within a radius of 50 km. Islamabad International Airport, less than 10 km away, offers direct flights across Middle-East, South Asia, Europe and further afield via the international hub at Dubai and Doha.


To become a thriving and dynamic international hub for scientific and technological R&D and innovation, by facilitating collaboration amongst research centres, universities, industry, communities and Governments, and creating products and services with positive economic and societal impact within the region and beyond.


To be Pakistan’s most technologically advanced R&D and innovation centre, stimulating growth of high-tech enterprises, fostering technological and socioeconomic growth, and contributing to development of Pakistan’s knowledge economy.


  1. To build an innovation ecosystem stimulating creation of new technology businesses through entrepreneurship and incubation programmes.
  2. To stimulate innovation-led economic growth of the country and region.
  3. To promote commercialisation of research and development in association with local research centres and academic institutions.
  4. To encourage active collaboration between private and public sector technology development.
  5. To support emerging local start-ups and SMEs seeking to develop and export diverse technology-based products, services and intellectual property (IP).
  6. To attract international technology-focused companies and research organisations to relocate their operations to Pakistan.
  7. To create and enhance international and national strategic linkages to further growth and economic diversity.


  1. Excellence: We strive for excellence and quality in everything we do. We learn from best global practices, and challenge ourselves to improve through strategic planning, collaboration and teamwork.
  2. Integrity: We conduct ourselves in accordance with the highest standards of professional behaviour and ethics while dealing with tenants and industry, as well as students, researchers and faculty, keeping all processes and procedures transparent.
  3. Teamwork and Collaboration: All departments at NSTP work in synergy and close collaboration to provide a strong support system for our researchers, faculty, students, tenant companies and industry.
  4. Contribution to Society: We encourage, support and nurture Research and Development initiatives for the larger benefit of society, and help NSTP tenants maximise societal impact from their business operations.


International Association of Science Parks (IASP)
IASP is a worldwide network of Science & Technology Parks having 347 members from 77 countries. NUST is the only full member of IASP from Pakistan.
World Technopolis Association (WTA):
WTA is a multilateral international organisation created with the purpose to connect the advancement of science and technology with local development. NUST is the only associate member of WTA from Pakistan.
Inter-Islamic Network on Science & Technology Parks (INSTP):
INSTP is a platform for technological development among Muslim countries. NUST is member for INSTP as well as the only Pakistani member of its Executive Council.


NSTP pilot is the newest addition to NUST’s growing portfolio – it is an innovative project that will be home to a vibrant and high-tech entrepreneurial and business community of 100+ enterprises, from entrepreneurial start-ups to global multinationals. With over 110,000 square feet of office space, ample parking, state-of-the-art IT and easy access to NUST’s R&D ecosystem, NSTP pilot is the ideal location for enterprises ranging from ambitious tech-based start-ups to established international businesses looking for a base camp for R&D, intellectual capital, investments, collaborations and commercialisation. Surrounded by a vibrant network of like-minded innovators and entrepreneurs, the residents of NSTP will benefit from flexible office space set over 4 floors, as well as contemporary meeting rooms, smart conference rooms, cafes and a dedicated bank. Tenants will have additional advantage of R&D facilities within the park as well as on the NUST H-12 campus.

As We Grow:  The NSTP will serve as the hub for innovation, not just for students, but for professionals and underprivileged individuals as well. The centre will be used to mentor and groom the youth while enabling them to contribute to the local economy as well as to compete globally. The Park will facilitate research and innovation, and create numerous job opportunities. The knowledge ecosystem, combined with continuous innovation in cutting-edge technologies, will prove to be an asset and a catalyst for Pakistan’s technological and socioeconomic progress.

Leveraging the university’s core strengths and unique position in the global technology arena, we focus on 8 key thematic areas – AgriTech, AutoTech, EdTech, EnergyTech, DefTech, FinTech, HealthTech, SmartTech.