NSTP is member and in strategic Alliance with the following International organizations

International Association of Science Parks (IASP)

IASP is a worldwide network of Science & Technology Parks having 347 members from 77 countries. NSTP is the only full member of IASP from Pakistan.

Asian Science Park Association

 ASPA is an international nongovernmental organization established in Japan in 1997 for the purpose of accomplishing the joint development in the fields of scientific technology, industry and economy in the Asian region.

World Technopolis Association (WTA)

WTA is a multilateral international organisation created with the purpose to connect the advancement of science and technology with local development. NSTP is the only associate member of WTA from Pakistan.

Inter-Islamic Network on Science & Technology Parks (INSTP)

INSTP is a platform for technological development among Muslim countries. NSTP is member for INSTP as well as the only Pakistani member of its Executive Council.

International Business Incubator (IBI) Beijing, China

International Business Incubator (IBI) Beijing, China also known as Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park.  It is the most intensive scientific, education and talent resource base in China.

iAccelerate, Wollongong, Australia

iAccelerate one of the leading and unique business accelerator and incubator program run by the University of Wollongong (UOW)). It’s a thriving community of like-minded entrepreneurs with vision, purpose and passion, offering a unique eco-system with exceptional education, mentoring and support


NSTP strives to forge partnerships with like-minded institutions and organisations, that can serve the overall national interests of promoting Science, Technology and Innovation; training and grooming scientists, technologists and engineers to become drivers of change through innovative products and services; providing foreign markets to Pakistani innovators and entrepreneurs and opening doors to the Pakistani market for overseas innovators and entrepreneurs; facilitate joint ventures and partnerships between enterprises from different industries or countries; and more.

China Pakistan Technology Transfer Centre

NSTP has formalised a partnership with the China International Technology Transfer Center (CITTC) to establish the China Pakistan Technology Transfer Centre (CPTTC) at NSTP. Click here for more details.