The 16th Selection board for the induction of 16x teams for Hatch 8 Programme Cohort 3 was held on Thursday 14th Apr 2022 at NSTP and virtually held on Friday 15th Apr, 2022. Where 22x startups pitched their startup ideas. The Evaluation Committee evaluated the startups against a preset evaluation criterion (Personal Motivation, Team Cohesion, Market Need, Brilliance of Idea, Competitive Advantage, Knowledge Acumen, Quality of Business Plan, Economic Impact, Growth Potential).  The Evaluation Committee (Judges’ Panel) comprises of 7x Industry Experts, 6x Sectoral Experts from different schools of NUST and 7x NSTP Team members.

The selection board was chaired by Dr. Rizwan Riaz Vice President – National Science & Technology Park.  He expressed his utmost pleasure in seeing a number of startups flourish and carve way for themselves on the path to further improvement.

Details of the startup:

  1. 5Hazar:

Mobile app to detect counterfeit currency notes using digital image processing and deep learning algorithm.

Founder: Ahsan Aman

  1. As-Sirat:

A unique platform to connect/outsource work directly with industry/students.

Founder: Sehrish Fatima

  1. Plasticle:

Construction material using cleantech solution for building roads in order to reduce carbon footprint.

Founder: Abdus Saboor

  1. Gameotivity:

Blockchain based store with streamlined royalty processing for Gaming Industry to play to earn blockchain games.
Founder: Nabeel Khayal

  1. Bend Crete:

Bendable concrete for construction engineering to reinforced concrete with exceptional ductility and increased tensile strength

Founder: Sikandar Ali Khokhar

  1. Imecha:

Design space for consumers for custom-designed eastern footwear “Khussa”.

Founder: Adeen Qazi

  1. Tanker Walaa:

Online booking and fleet management solution for water tankers.

Founder: Rana Ameer Abdullah

  1. Thaan Lo:

Online B2B marketplace to buy and sell loose cloth “Thaan” for small enterprises.

Founder: Khadija Asad

  1. The Sign Nation:

Creative wooden art print posters for affordable décor.

Founder: Abdul Moiz Minhas

  1. Thngz:

Platform that helps consumers purchase sustainable ethical fashion items

Founder: Shaheer Ahmad Khan

  1. Sehat Base:

AI based one-stop disease diagnose and treatment platform which enables direct appointment with doctors

Founder: Muhammad Ahmad

  1. Archs and Bricks:

Virtual Reality solution for construction projects to provide customers with real-time experience prior to actual construction.

Founder: Muhammad Haseeb Alam

  1. Vtech:

Hexacopters with high endurance to perform crop field mapping, spray and act as UAV for defence technologies.

Founder: Aqib Habib

  1. VIoT-Battlefield:

Real time combat experience via IoT based UX Battlefield gaming app.

Founder: Saran Khaliq

  1. BrainSwarm:

Indigenous robot development in Pakistan with AI & Machine Learning Computer vision.

Founder: Muhammad Muzamal Shahzad

Over the next 6 months, the founders of these startups will focus on getting to or expanding their business with the help of NSTP mentors and the innovation team that includes Emmad Ehsan, GM Innovation, and Humaira Sajjad, Programme Manager for Hatch 8.


About Hatch:

Hatch 8 is an Early-Stage Incubation Programme of National Science and Technology Park (NSTP) designed to support early-stage startups at the idea stage and founders/entrepreneurs. The Programme provides a facility and conducive environment to startups to help them develop acumen and skillset in management, leadership, finance, and legal framework that is required to setup sustainable and a viable business. The Programme also includes mentorship and coaching by industry experts along with workshops and training sessions via a comprehensive curriculum. The Hatch 8 Programme since its launch in 2021 completed 2x Cohorts and graduated 10x in first cohort and 16x graduates in second cohort.