WaterSprint Ltd

WaterSprint is a research-based consulting network of water experts aiming to work without boundaries and provide fast-track delivery of their services and products to their partners and clients worldwide to achieve joint mandate of safeguarding the finite [natural] resources of the world. Dr Alam together with his partners established it in 2019.

We do research and develop solutions on the topics of upcoming challenges to be faced by the society and publish and promote our results for the greater benefits of humans and society. We provide new insights to the Public and [International] development sectors for their spending in a smart and meaningful way.

WaterSprint focus is on: water-related services to secure the water and natural resources of the world and to safeguard the society from the natural disasters and drought, trainings and human capacity development, institutional building, research and development, etc.

Products / Services:

  • WaterSprint is a public limited company having more than 20 national & international water, environmental and agricultural experts.
  • DIMENSIONS is an interactive decision support system which is designed to help the farmers to manage their crops by providing actual and forecasted measures like, how much and when irrigation, fertilizers and pesticides are required.
  • It is beneficial to the crop producers but can also be provided as a service to value chain partners as well as to public authorities for water, disaster and agricultural management at basin or regional level.

Contact Details

Website: https://watersprint.io/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/naveed-alam-45b61735