Xylexa is an Islamabad-based startup that has developed an artificial intelligence-powered cloud-based tool, so as to help in the early diagnosis of cancer through the use of mammograms. Instead of a radiologist studying the X-ray with the naked eye and then giving off a final verdict, CEO Xylexa Mr. Shahrukh Babar is determined to change the system and aims at producing more such inventions in the field of technology that also are economically efficient.

By making use of Augmented Reality (AR) and advanced image processing, healthcare professionals gain a huge helping hand with their diagnoses. Being a major support system for radiologists, researchers at Xylexa are also working on the development of software that would provide a better therapeutic plan for breast cancer in specific.

When testing for the disease in Pakistan, one is made to undergo a series of ultrasounds and biopsies that both internally and externally drain the patient, with some of them even refusing to undergo them due to the social pressure associated with all of it. This is where Xylexa comes to the aid and revolutionized the entire traditional method, by the use of augmented reality and Radiology technology. ‘With the concept being positively received abroad, Xylexa has now worked on introducing it in Pakistan as well.

Given the small mammography market in Pakistan, Shahrukh Babar also is aiming at the international market side by side. Owing to his dedication to the field, Xylexa is also now part of yet another Program – The World Startup Factor Netherlands. This is how the CEO also intends to pave the way through Europe.

Xylexa in short is the ray of hope in the healthcare sector of Pakistan. With two major improvements being done up till, there surely is more to come.

The CEO. Shahrukh Baber. has studied bioinformatics and has a keen interest in making use of artificial intelligence in the field of medicine.  With breast cancer being of high incidence in Pakistan, Shahrukh decided to work on a solution to reduce mortality due to breast cancer by early detection which can not be done through examination of x-ray and MRI from the naked eye.