OREL Vision


We are AI ML based company working on Drones to used for different type of purposes that includes but not limited to Land Settlement, Land Survey, Agriculture Survey, Agriculture Spray, Crop Reporting, Soil Testing, Concealed weapons detections etc. we are also working on Chatbots that is AI alternative to Customer Services, Robotics and Defense Tech etc.

Products & Services

  • Drones are equipped with sensor technology for agriculture purposes
  • Land Settlement, Land Survey
  • Concealed Weapons Detections, Robotics, Chatbots
  • Defense Tech
  • Health Tech that includes the currently bacteria detection and we are focused for the detection of viruses of all kind
  • SMART Homs solutions and SMART Tech solutions

Contact Detail

Website: www.orelvision.com

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0333-9271170, 03155544400