3x NSTP-based startups have made it to being presented to the Middle East Market at GITEX Global this year, which include XpertFlow, Orbit, and Data BI. GITEX Global is the world’s largest tech gathering, inculcating the show of global products and solutions with diverse industry applications.

XpertFlow is a startup focused on developing decision support systems for healthcare professionals. Comprising both software (AI Model) and hardware (Medical IOTs), the product can predict Sepsis six hours before onset and other life-threatening medical conditions from a single wearable biosensor device. All in all, it reduces the mortality rate and cost of treatment for many out there.

Orbit is an augmented reality-based interactive learning tool that empowers classrooms with real-time stimulation to strengthen the students’ learning processes. The startup has recently raised seed funding from Boost VC and is also showcasing itself at GITEX Global.

Data BI is a Data Visualization and Insights Gathering Company that makes data available at your fingertips, further fuelling growth and innovation. With the use of Data-Driven Decision Support Systems, specialized tools allow businesses to analyze data and make informed decisions. The tool is helping the Pakistani retail industry in optimizing its processes and services through customer analytics.

GITEX Global is an innovative platform for tech pioneers to share their perspectives on major technology trends and highlight the impact that they collectively have on the global economy. With NSTP-based startups paving their way up there, is indeed a moment of pride for the entire Park and also a setting stone for many more startups to come.