National Science and Technology Park inks MoU with Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAII)

National University of Sciences and technology (NUST) Islamabad, inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAII) in an auspicious ceremony held at Prime Minister’s House on the 14th February, 2020. Lt Gen Naweed Zaman, HI (M), (Retd), Rector NUST, and Prof Dr Temil Kotil, President TAI, signed the MoU on behalf of NUST and TAI respectively. H.E. Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, and H.E. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of the Republic of Turkey, were also present at the august occasion.

The MoU entailed an agreement that as a tenant at the Defense Technology sector at National Science and Technology Park, the Turkish Defense Aviation giant will collaborate with NUST in areas such as, Joint Research on defense Research & Development, and Intellectual Property Training leading to Technology Transfer and Student & Faculty exchange between the two nations. The company will manufacture specialized robotic and autonomous equipment operated by artificial intelligence. This partnership will not only increase the production of TAII, but their operations at NUST premises will contribute to the national economy through exports in the long run.

NSTP (National Science and Technology Park) aims to become the foundational structure for a functional & abiding relationship between the two great nations – Pakistan & Turkey – in the Defense Technology sector, i.e. one of the 8 thematic verticals the park is presently focusing on, and hopes to emerge as a powerhouse in, moving forward. The partnership ensures the value TAII adds to the technological world and that NSTP is progressively advancing in its technological leaps.


The launch of Hatch 8 at NSTP for boosting Startups

National Science & Technology Park (NSTP), Pakistan’s first science park, launched a pre-incubation programme, with the first cohort beginning in the last week of January 2020 providing orientation session to the selected startups, to help grow its research and innovation ecosystem. NSTP has three programmes designed specifically for startups in different stages of their life cycle – Hatch 8, Cube 8 and Excelerate.


Hatch 8 at NSTP helps startups to step into the business world, training startups from launching the product into the market to getting a customer. Hatch 8 has experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, leading academic experts to interact with our skilled entrepreneurs, who impart training required for the development of a successful venture. So far they have conducted sessions on Business Model, Business Structures, Strategies and Operating Plans & Corporate Communication.

Until now Hatch 8 at NSTP has trained the following startups:

  1. AVITec (HealthTech)- A hand-based controller which has ability to map precise hand movements in a Virtual World, in defense teaching how to diffuse a bomb, in medical teaching how to perform complex human surgery etc.
  2. Load Ex (AutoTech)– The system aims to automate freight services by allowing customer and drivers to online bid to get lowest fare in quickest time, provide an intelligent sharing feature
  3. Priv Tech (SmartTech)– Aims to employ a dynamic analysis of vibrations and scale the exact variable extent of these sounds by verifying the homogeneity of the built environment and the non-linear degradation of sound
  4. Ellipsis Tech (SmartTech)– Apart from providing Web Development and Digital marketing services. They are also developing our own Platform through which we can introduce Pakistan’s Business Industry to the World.
  5. Roam (SmartTech)– Roam offers customizable itineraries to adventurers who want to explore Northern Pakistan. They offers tourists a chance to choose their own package according to their demands under affordable rates
  6. VidIt (SmartTech)– It is a totally new way to communicate and socialize with others. Privacy is their top most priority, what an individual shares on their platform will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone
  7. (SmartTech)– They used state of the art neural networks in the application.  But, this system is integrated in mobile with no server connection hence solving the issues of network latency etc.
  8. RAAR (EnergyTech)– RAAR is a smart auto tech solution. They aim to provide user a facility to rent electric bikes and pay using RAAR app. The infrastructure includes ride stations, fleet of bikes and booking system.
  9. Blockute (SmartTech)– Blockute is a software-based solution that allows users to automatically create a custom block-chain network based on their needs/preference whether it may be for secure medical records, identify management system etc. They will provide a drag and drop interface to allow users to create a custom private block-chain network system within minutes. The entire configuration and coding will be removed during the process and hence will create custom networks with only few clicks.
  10. Alpha Brain (HealthTech)- “Alpha Brain is an Artificial Intelligence based company which aims to build advanced AI platform to transform the world and help people to solve thousands of problems. They are designing and developing solutions which would take the world into the next level of automation, Artificial Intelligence, Block-chain and Quantum technology. They are working on an AI based device that will help diabetic patients take sugar reading in a cost effective, efficient and painless way.
  11. Canvas Insight (HealthTech)- Canvas Insight builds automated solutions based on artificial Intelligence (AI) to serve real world problems and makes a conscious effort in the health and smart technology sectors. It uses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically detect behavioral and personality traits through the projective House Tree Person (HTP) Test. By performing a projective personality drawing test users can gain valuable support, guidance and resources. Hence making this emotional well-being techniques more accessible, portable and cost-effective for its users.
  12. SmartUp Technologies (SmartTech)- Smartup Technologies is a peer-to-peer commuter-matching carpool app which aims to provide a more casual but secure ride-sharing experience. A user can book a seat for their commute, or book the car for private use during the day. Rygo, a ride-sharing app, will allow its users to find a ride nearby for an underutilized car. The app will also be very useful for those who have work but are looking for a part-time job and will help them recover their fuel expenses without having to devote significant time to it.

Hatch 8 at NSTP helps startups validate their ideas and turn them into products/services that are perceived to be desirable by consumers. This leads to financially stability in the long run by yielding profitable results. NSTP aims to empower the startups who haven’t yet realized their potential of reaching the set goals and expectations.

The author works at the Research Directorate (NUST) and National Science and Technology Park (NSTP) as Manager Research and Innovation Promotion and is a curator at NUST Research & Innovation Blog. She can be reached at