Hatch 8 Cohort 4 marked a significant milestone for NSTP, with the successful completion of its first phase. It consists of 16 startups, each representing a unique facet of innovation and entrepreneurship. Alongside supporting these budding businesses, NSTP Hatch 8 took another step towards creating a more inclusive ecosystem by organizing a specialized training session for refugees. These accomplishments reflect NSTP’s commitment to fostering innovation and empowering diverse talents within its community.


Guiding Refugee Youth to Entrepreneurial Empowerment: NSTP’s Commitment

National Science & Technology Park (NSTP) and Initiative for Development and Empowerment Axis (IDEA) Forge a Path to Innovation and Excellence

In an inspiring partnership, NSTP and IDEA join forces to empower refugee youth with a groundbreaking entrepreneurial training program. This exciting initiative begins with an engaging orientation session and a series of dynamic training sessions. With on-campus accommodation and dedicated workspace, the path is paved for the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders.

  1. Welcoming Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs: A Journey of Inclusivity and Innovation

NSTP received a remarkable 99 applications from aspiring refugee youth across Pakistan, carefully selecting 25 exceptional candidates for a transformative six-month Entrepreneurial Training program. NSTP hosted 21 talented young men and 3 trailblazing women in campus hostels, and dedicated internet access supported their innovation and entrepreneurship journey.

  1. Energizing Entrepreneurial Dreams: ESSY Program Takes Flight at NSTP- (Orientation Day and Team Building Activities)

The Entrepreneurial Skill Training and Startup Support for Refugee Youth (ESSY) Program has taken off with an inspiring orientation session at NSTP, introducing startups to our dynamic ecosystem, top-notch facilities, and mentorship opportunities. Committed to igniting innovation and entrepreneurship, collaboration is fostered through team-building exercises for these 25 talented participants.

  1. Fueling Entrepreneurial Minds: A Dynamic Start to ESSY’s Training Sessions

In a thrilling start to the ESSY program, seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts delivered essential training sessions. With comprehensive program schedules, training outlines, and clear outcomes, participants are fully equipped to refine their business acumen and nurture innovative ideas. The first month’s sessions cover entrepreneurial mindset, communication skills, pitch presentations, customer discovery, and the journey cycle, setting the stage for the success of our 25 talented participants.