A unique EdTech company that has introduced integrated solutions to schools and universities for skills development and assessment. It uses psychometric testing and data analysis to give schools and universities real-time indicators about students’ soft skills and help improve them.

Product & Services:

  • For Professionals/SME’s: Pre-hiring evaluation services for SME’s/ Entry level professionals, soft skill development to increase productivity of team members.
  • For Start-up hubs: To assist start-up hubs/incubation centers, facilitate start-ups grow from within, and to help team members of start-ups have a better insight of their abilities.
  • For Start-up Projects: Building team productivity and helping start-ups grow from within through team and individual evaluation
  • For School Students: Career choice assessments for students to help them decide fields of higher studies.
  • University Skills-Up Program: A tailored department-specific program for university students, testing and training them for soft skills required in their field of work.
  • For Youth NGO’s: Soft Skill Evaluation and Development of youth NGO teams to help them meet their objectives more effectively.
  • Happiness Drive: Science and SKills of training for 3 levels.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 03235496484/ 03333442651