AutoCanvas – Innovation Information Technologies (IIT) Pvt Ltd

AutoCanvas work in the Autonomous Vehicle (Self Driving Cars) domain. We use state of the art Artificial Intelligence technology to solve challenging problems in the Self Driving Cars domain. We enable automotive industry especially in Germany to make sense and create value of the collected driving datasets. We extract critical traffic scenarios and do mapping of the roads which enables simulation testing of Self Driving Cars. This makes Self Driving Cars safer and cost effective to deploy.

We differentiate our self from the competition by reducing the cost by a factor of at least 15-20. We are tackling unsolved problems in this domain and bringing state-of-the-art technologies in Pakistan and giving our talented youth chance to work on technologies in the Self Driving Car domain which is sometimes referred as the most complicated machine mankind has ever built.

Product & Services:

  • Map Localized Ego Trajectory
  • Mapping
  • Scenario Generation

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]