The National Science and Technology Park based at NUST H-12 Campus is home to innovation and all sorts of technological advancements. What’s even better is the opportunity to become part of the team, and that too as a student ambassador!

Got any questions in mind? Follow the write-up below!


What is the NSTP Student Ambassador Programme (NSAP)?

NSTP Student Ambassador Programme (NSAP) is an initiative to maximize interaction and involvement of students with National Science and Technology Park (NSTP). The ambassadors will act as a point of contact with the student body to create awareness about NSTP and share opportunities such as startup programmes, talks, events, seminars, trainings etc. Moreover, they will get hands-on experience through involvement in various initiatives at NSTP.

Who is the NSAP for?

The programme is currently open for all students of NUST, pursuing either undergraduates or postgraduate studies. In the long-run, the NSAP will be extended to students from other universities as well.

What makes an ideal Student Ambassador?

The programme is suited for students who are passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship ideally those who are following the latest news and happenings from the startup ecosystem and proactively looking to engage in the latest events, talks, workshops and networking events at NSTP. Ambassadors are expected to have an in-depth understanding of how NSTP is operating so that they can act as a representative in their community.

What is the duration of the appointment for NSAP?

To begin with, ambassadors will be appointed for a duration of one year, which shall run alongside the academic cycle.

Why become an ambassador?

NSAP offers students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience while working with the Park’s management on different initiatives. Students will be empowered to share their thoughts, ideas and initiatives and given an active role in its execution upon approval. Experience letters, as well as letters of recommendation, shall be handed out to the outstanding ambassadors of the Programme. The top three performers will also be awarded shields.

What is the application process?

Interested students can apply via the following online link: by providing basic information. Being a position holder at any existing Society / Club at NUST is an additional plus point.