The 17th Selection Board of NSTP brought about 36 companies to the surface, out of which 7 were called for the pitch before the board based on their respective average scores. Each of these shortlisted companies went through a series of rigorous screenings and selection processes, pitching themselves to a team of experts from the industry and academia so as to become part of the innovative system of NSTP. Five out of the total were recommended for office space at NSTP.

The selection board was chaired by Dr. Rizwan Riaz, Pro-Rector RIC NUST and Vice President of National Science & Technology Park.

Of the recommended firms, MOBIZ IT is an IT firm having offices in 10x countries with an HQ in the US. It works on developing a one-stop-shop package for Digital transformation, Data protection Cloud and Network Automation.

Another company, Intelligent Learning Machines (ILM) is currently working on the development of High Voltage Battery Pack management system for Automobiles. Currently having gained business from US Automobile Industry, it focuses on the development of prototypes for an autonomous system, also fostering the opportunity to bring embedded automotive technology businesses to Pakistan.

The third of the recommendations is a well-versed and skilled team of entrepreneurs from SEECS NUST that develops platforms like Remote Base startup that is backed by renowned VC: Atif Awan. The team has already tested and validated their hypothesis through sizeable transactions.

SWAM tech is currently incubated at TechOne NUST Incubator and has developed a platform for connecting skilled developers (endorsed by SWAM’s skill testing) with clients. SWAM aims to go on ahead with another product being developed under augmented reality for Metaverse.

The last of the recommended firms is the Cambridge Genetic Laboratory which collaborates with labs at Cambridge University and plans to establish a lab for low-cost Biologics, Cell Therapies, and Genetic Diagnostics.